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SKU# 45-96-9515

15MM Combo Wrench

15MM Combo Wrench $18.74/Each

Product Overview

Metric Combination Wrench Set (45-96-9515)
The Milwaukee Metric Combination Wrenches offer 25% more torque with MAXBITE™ Open-End Grip, reducing rounding and stripping of nuts and bolts. Ergonomic I-Beam handle design ensures comfort and durability. Ink-filled size labels allow quick identification. Sizes range from 1/4"" to 1-1/2"" with a Lifetime Guarantee. (SKU: 45-96-9515)

Key Features

  • MAXBITE™ Open-End Grip
  • 25% More Torque
  • Comfortable I-Beam Handle Design
  • Ink-filled Size Labels
  • Chrome Plated Durability
  • Rust Protection
  • Lifetime Guarantee

Product Specifications





Package Includes:
Metric Combination Wrench Set (45-96-9515)
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