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IntegriBilt accepts returns provided it is done within thirty (30) days of the purchase date, unless otherwise specified below. The items must be in their original packaging and must not have been damaged during use. Upon return, a credit amounting to the original purchase price will be issued to your bank or to your credit card.


Accessories must be returned in good condition without any damage including markings, tear, cracks, dents or scratches. Items to be returned must come in their original packaging and original invoice. 

Perishable Items

Customers must inform us of the item’s quality within 24 hours of delivery. Please keep the product in their packaging as well as the original invoice you received for your orders. Due to their short lifespan, should you fail to inform us of any quality issue within the 24-hour timeframe after receipt of the item/s, returns for your orders will not be accepted.

Damaged or Defective Items

Damaged or defective items may also be returned to us provided it is done within thirty (30) days. Any charges incurred for the shipping of defective items will automatically be refunded. Please have the defective items stored in their original packaging and accompanied by their original invoice.


Should there be an error on our part pertaining to your order (i.e. shipping of a different item), we will issue a refund for any applicable shipping cost. Please ensure that the product still has its original packaging and invoice to ensure the quick processing of your request.


IntegriBilt processes cancellation of orders provided the client gives a written notice within a minimum of 24 hours. The notice can be sent in person, email, fax, or text message.  

However, please be advised that during cancellation, the company will be imposing specific charges to cover any administrative or delivery expenses incurred. We also reserve the right to refuse the request for cancellation if it has been determined that there was no error in the product, order or delivery information.  

To avoid any inconvenience, we will not be charging you until we have been able to verify your payment method and order information as well as validate that your order has been shipped.  

IntegriBilt may also cancel your orders for the following reasons:  

  • Limited or no available quantities on stock.

  • Error in product or pricing information.  

  • Other problems identified by our stock and/or audit personnel.    

Should a cancellation of your order occur based on the reasons mentioned above, please expect us to contact you for details. If your order was cancelled due to the reasons above and your credit card has been billed or your bank account has been debited, we will issue a corresponding credit equivalent to the amount that was charged.